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November 18 2017

☭w☭ what’s this


*glomps the means of production*


Buffets are PVP enabled areas


*attempts to log into bank account*

To continue answer security question: “Where and how will you die?”

types in “alone in a ditch wearing a clown costume”

*i view my account balance of $4.47*




It’s your parents’ fault for raising you that way, it’s your fault for staying that way.

What a neurotypical thing to say, Karen.

Sane person: “A rough home life isn’t a permanent excuse to be an asshole.”
Tumblr moron: “asdfghjkl how Noo-roW-tIp-eh-CuLl!!!!”


Me when I get in bed: ooooh I’m a warm little bich!!!


anyone else have a heart thats too soft….. a marshmallow heart…… tempur-pedic mattress heart…. a cotton candy heart…..

0950 fa82 390


Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald were chosen to paint Barack and Michelle Obama’s portraits! You already know they’re going to be fire


when you see a wolf and also you’re an early human in the paleolithic era

0952 38ea



South Dakota transgender woman denied entrance to soup kitchen for wearing a dress

  • On Saturday morning, Isabella Red Cloud, a transgender woman, drove with a friend to Union Gospel Mission in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, hoping to get some breakfast. 
  • She says was refused service because she was wearing a dress. She fired up Facebook Live and recorded her being kicked off the premises.
  • The video, viewed over 13,000 times, shows an unnamed employee escorting Red Cloud out the building’s entrance. 
  • When she asks the employee on camera if she’s being asked to leave because of her dress, he seems to answer affirmatively. 
  • The employee repeatedly tells Red Cloud she’s “trespassing.”
  • Red Cloud told KDLT, “I cried, I contemplated suicide, I felt sad, I felt weak.” However, she returned the next day to attend church service. 
  • Red Cloud was once again told she could not be on the church’s property. A friend documented the second incident on Facebook Live.
  • Union Gospel Mission director Fran Stenberg told the Argus Leader that Red Cloud’s case is not exceptional: She’s asked trans people to leave for wearing dresses on multiple occasions. Read more (4/25/17)

follow @the-movemnt

Union Gospel is notorious in our area for not only its cruelty to trans people, but its dehumanizing and disgusting behavior in general. 

By word of mouth I heard they were forcing homeless people to pay for drug tests that they would be forcibly subjected to if they wanted to take shelter from the freezing temperatures.

UGM sees tragedy as an opportunity to push their own agenda.

November 17 2017





Also as we near the objectively happy occasion of Charles Manson’s death it’s important to remember that he was a white supremacist and that the motive for his crimes was explicitly racist. It’s easier to remember now that he’s got a swastika directly on his face but let’s not act like he was just some random deranged killer, his entire plan hinged on his belief that black people would be unable to function without white people telling them what to do, his idiot plan literally ends with “and then when we’re the only white people left on earth we’ll come out of the bunker and be naturally and immediately put in charge of the whole planet because only white people are smart enough to rule.” Thank god it was such a stupid plan but let’s not act like his whole motivation wasn’t wrapped up in his passionate belief in white supremacist ideology. People talk about him like he’s some sort of generic homicidal maniac and not an actual neonazi whose entire idiot worldview revolved around the idiot belief that white people are inherently superior and that structural white supremacy is a natural inevitability

also for the record the whole campaign to free charles manson was nazi culture warfare and every tryhard edgy idiot who participated in that was a cats paw for neofascism

Bullshit, he killed white people

and pinned the crime on black people with the explicit intention of starting a race war- also he has a swastika carved into his forehead, and here’s a link which details his connection with neo-nazi James Mason and the assistance he gave in helping him plan his “Universal Order” group. [link]

a quick skim though your blog tho shows that you’re a compulsive liar and a reactionary idiot who jerks off to genocide fantasies, so you probably knew all this anyways and were just being deliberately disingenuous



The tax reform passed in the US House and being worked on in the Senate should be called Ivanka’s Law. It’s basically a tax code reformed for Trump’s daughter and nobody else.

Like grad students making a living will end up with around 5-10 thousand dollar per year tax increase should this reform pass. But Ivanka, should her father live for six more years, will see a tax free inheritance of around one billion should this reform pass.

If you make under 30, 000 a year, you’ll receive an increase. If you make between that and 75, 000 a year, an even larger increase.

Also healthcare will be gutted via tax reform increasing costs, meaning another increase for the poor and middle income.

But Trump’s family and constituents will find relief.

What will Praise and I do with a several thousand dollar tax increase? I don’t know. We need that money. I am worried for us and our neighbors. The idea communities like Albany Park will pay millions and millions more in taxes so that the reform bill can be called deficit neutral bc the absurdly large tax cuts for the wealthy is depressing.


Would a mood by any other name be as big?


2011 was so fucked up… How did a Katy Perry song about fucking an alien become #1

5685 f0b0 390

it’s been channukah season since november first and it’s gonna be hanukkah season until december thirty-first or until i am sufficiently chanukka’d out, this is a psa

Why is it always something?


Like it’s literally always fucking something…………….I can’t go a week without there being something


Ain’t nothing like doing things out of love



we all know capitalism is fucking evil but one of my favorite stories to tell from Retail Hell is that time my district manager got annoyed that 2 poor people were taking food out of the dumpster occasionally so he told us all to start pouring bleach over all the items we threw out so people couldn’t use them/it would hurt them if they touched it directly. never did that and absolutely have participated in “employee theft” by stealing bags of food from the dumpsters to donate to the local food bank but like. he really did just want us to directly harm people over food that was already in the literal trash.

when managers and CEOs get up in arms about “employee theft” they’re actually talking about people like me who don’t throw out the 30 pairs of shoes that we weren’t able to sell and instead bag them up and throw them behind the dumpster for retrieval/donation later. I once took home $450 of food and another night got $500 worth of makeup. Perfectly good electronics get thrown away bc the packaging was tampered with. We throw away food, cosmetics, and household products 30-60 days before their expiration dates (which are also kinda bullshit anyway). The whole retail model is structured around this idea of massive waste. 

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i keep this quote on my bedroom wall so i dont forget about it. why did we let ted cruz forget about this anyways? why didnt we, as a society, make more fuss about this quote? im haunted by it daily since tedward cruz looks down upon me every night calling himself a rat fucker and NO ONE CARED we just let him SAY IT



What’s the mood today guys?

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