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October 17 2017


There’s no rule against having Bugs Bunny as your fursona but he is an extremely powerful being and most people who attempt to harness his energy end up as a burned out husk within a fursuit


Tonight at work I asked this man how he was doing and he responded with “That’s a personal question” and like wow what a mood

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this has a completely different meaning this year than last year doesn’t it

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“i can’t fucking read”


adam driver was made for weak people who cant handle the strength and sheer velocity of keanu reeves 


okay but what if i had like………….a personality or a reason to be alive

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i’m sorry to say this, but it has come to my attention that in disney’s descendants, dopey the dwarf has a son named doug — which means that canonically, dopey has fucked

and he will continue to fuck unless we find a way to stop him

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zoey (at the beggining of the zoey 101 theme song): “are you ready”?


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The president of the United States made a “joke” that his vice president “wants to hang [LGBT people]” in 2017.

How am I supposed to wake up to news like this and not believe war of some variety is coming, after the DoJ stripping protections for transgender students specifically very early in the administration, the DoJ saying existing rules about sex stereotryping and sex discrimination don’t necessarily apply to LGBT people, Pence’s official support of conversion therapy in Indiana, etc.

“When the conversation turned to gay rights, Trump motioned toward Pence and joked, “Don’t ask that guy—he wants to hang them all!”

(and also x)


Word coming from a comrade out of Ohio that fascists are putting up explicitly anti-LGBT posters referencing and encouraging suicide of LGBT people at Cleveland State University and that the administration is allowing this blatant hate speech as “free speech.” There is currently a massive emboldening happening on the far right- these people are not afraid to speak out as they once were, and we need to bash back and put these people back in their place- online forums and 6 feet under. Pictures attached, please be aware they are potentially upsetting:

Ronald M. Berkman can take his free speech and shove it up his homophobe-embracing asshole.

Here is his twitter. Blow it the hell up: https://twitter.com/PresBerkman

Here is his email. Flood his inbox so that he sees nothing else for pages: President.Berkman@csuohio.edu 

Here is the address of his office where you can send letters or news stories about the tons of LGBT people being murdered and killing themselves and ask him how he supports speech encouraging that kind of violence:

Cleveland State University President’s Office

2121 Euclid Avenue

Cleveland, OH 44115-2214

Please reblog this immediately and send an email that says, if nothing else, “Shame on you for protecting homophobes and outright fascists on your campus. If there is another instance of fascist violence on your campus, like there was in Charlottesville, there will be blood on your hands.”

If they posted material calling for the deaths of university administrators that support nazis, their dog whistle love for the first amendment will dissipate so fast

Absolutely. In the meantime, anytime you see this shit in your area I suggest carefully removing it and pasting up one of these printed out in its place, no matter where you are:

Remember that cover fascista propaganda is safer than remove it. The shitbags somethime put razorblades under their posters.

I carry a knife partly for that reason and suggest other people do too, but yes, of course!

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when a girl starts out a sentence like ’i just find it really interesting that’ she don’t find shit interesting and she about to scalp you

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I love this title because it implies that Mountain Dew is not typically edible, but rather it is some kind of poison

1 calorie (per ball sack)

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deep goomba breath is gonna be my new favourite thing to say

October 16 2017

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Not sure why I’m always seeing beautiful intelligent funny girls broken down by dusty crusty boring cockroach looking men but it needs to stop

FEMA: Not our job to distribute food and water in Puerto Rico




what do u think your job is holy shit 

Isn’t this exactly what they did during katrina?


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